Bohlgutsch emanates natural and discreet luxury which harmonizes perfectly with its surroundings. The visual countenance leaves a lasting impression of timeless premium quality which is noble but never ostentatious. Natural stone, glass and green surroundings impart subtle elegance, hinting at the generosity and lightness behind the facade.
The kanfanar natural stone from the indoors is also carried over into the outdoors
The elegant texture is carried over outdoors. Among others, premium aged wood and kanfanar natural stone accent the Bohlgutsch residential complex. The landscape concept consisting of mostly evergreen plants crafts privacy without blocking views. The trees and plants frame and enhance your outlook onto the surrounding mountains, lake and city. Bohlgutsch appears as if growing out of a harmonious arrangement of native plants, a composition of bright and dark shades of green. The maple tree forms a hallmark of the planting concept, in the summer offering a loose playfulness whilst in the autumn enveloping the complex in its bright shades of gold, yellow and red. A spectacular play of colour unfolds all year round around Bohlgutsch.


Contour line
Large shrubs
Red field maple
Acer neglectum "Annae"
Small shrubs
Fullmoon maple
Acer shirasaswanum "Aureum"
Yew hedge
Taxus baccata
Mountain sedge
Carex montana
Water basin / over head light garage
Yew Hedge