Guest House

Accommodate your guests in a private and elegantly furnished guest apartment. The “Board Room” with its spacious terrace is perfect to cater for larger events and is equipped to facilitate business meetings in a private setting. The lobby, situated in the “Guest House”, connects Bohlgutsch with the outside world and serves as Bohlgutsch’s hub. This shared infrastructure is offered for use to all owners to enhance the level of comfort and convenience. The “Guest House” epitomizes modern hospitality.
«Guest House» Lobby
The garage features a water basin illuminating the driveway from above and creating a shimmering atmosphere. All of the four buildings have separate, secure parking facilities with a well conceived space concept. Furthermore, each apartment has an additional storage room at their disposal at the parking level, helping to solve practical questions such as where to store your golf equipment and ski gear.
«Guest House» underground garage

Further information about the "Guest House"

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